My time in the clink

Once I moved into the cell with Jessica, Joanne, and Amy, things got a bit better. We used commissary to hire a lady to do all of our cleaning(we were required to clean the cell everyday), and slept a lot. They became my friends pretty quickly, we all had similar stories. Everyone except any struggled […]

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Update on Treatment Centers

Hey guys! I have found some treatment centers that I am considering for myself. Still nothing for Scott(finace)… but, the good news is that I am very excited for the places I have found. One is called Desert Palms, the other Michael’s house. I will be hopefully leaving next week to begin my journey. If […]

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Contact Me

I can be contacted by email at: Any questions that you want answered on the blog canbe senthere. You can also post them in the comments section below each post. If anyone wants to talk, you can KiK me at: NoTimeLikeToday24 I will be avilable 24/7

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Hello world!

Hi!! I am Crystal and this is my sobriety journey. I am 24 and I have been struggling with addiction for 7 years. I now have more reason to get clean than ever before. A 1o month old son, He is the light in my life and why I did not just stay clean after […]

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